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For Immediate Release
Contact: Jacky Mitrius
T: 800.242.8992

Happy Hour at HStudio Las Vegas

HStudio Las Vegas will be hosting a special Happy Hour event on May 13th, 14th and 15th from 5 to 7pm! If you happen to be in town for the HD Expo, please let us help you wind down! Join us for a cocktail and shop our contemporary art and furniture. We’re only 12 minutes away from the Mandalay Bay!

HStudio Las Vegas
Las Vegas Market & Design Center
495 S. Grand Central Parkway
Building A, Suite 129
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 388-2958


ABOUT HSTUDIO –HStudio has been designing unique and contemporary art and furniture for over 22 years. We specialize in developing new techniques, creating custom designs and working with our customers to offer truly exceptional pieces made by hand in our Los Angeles studio.

To view the complete HStudio Collection visit us at www.hstudio.com or call (800) 242-8992 for additional information.

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